The first Metaverse fashion brand and ecosystem, creating high-end wearables and experiences for virtual realities. It was founded with a mission to bring the aesthetic of high fashion into the virtual space and help everyone start their Metaverse fashion journey. We create fashionable, iconic wearable and collectible NFTs that have utility across various Metaverse platforms.
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We are a team from Ukraine, based in Los Angeles, with extensive experience in the fashion industry. We believe that in the future, it will be more exciting to dress-up your avatar than picking your outfit in the physical world. Having this vision in mind, our team is driven to bring the high-fashion aesthetic into the Web 3 space.
Inspired by the notion of the “IT bag” in the traditional fashion world, DIVERGE is bringing that same “IT bag” energy into the Metaverse.In games, the backpack represents your digital closet. We are blending these concepts together and creating the “IT BAG of the Metaverse”.
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We are driven to contribute to the future of fashion and curate everyone in building up their digital identity and dressing-up their avatars.
We strive for a more sustainable future, to reduce environmental waste and to accelerate more ethical and ecological business solutions in contrast to traditional manufacturing.
We are building a strong community, where established fashion talents, creatives-at-large and digital innovators get together to share ideas, inspirations and co-create together
We believe that the Metaverse and the physical world can co-exist together in synergy. We will
create value through meaningful 1 of a kind collaborations with physical brands using products as redeemables for NFT’s
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DIVERGE Genesis Drop - is a limited edition of “IT Bags of the Metaverse”, one-of-a-kind 3D pieces. 40 iconic bags and backpacks, each being an NFT membership token to the DIVERGE community.
The “IT Bag of the Metaverse” - is the first NFT you need to enter your Metaverse fashion journey. It will open up the way to dress-up your avatar and get fashionable experiences. It is a “multipass” NFT community token, granting exclusive access to airdrops, whitelist spots for future drops, wearables, skins and cosmetic items.

Vogue described the IT bag as “that totemic accessory that announced you were the owner of all that was desirable in the world”.
We are here to bring that same IT bag energy into the Metaverse.
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Genesis Drop
Join our Metaverse fashion revolution
Tangerine Violet
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Early access to DIVERGE spaces across Metaverse platforms
Wear in AR
Percent of DIVERGE sales
Exclusive access to DIVERGE IRL events
Access to private community channels
Exclusive whitelist to special drop collabs
Airdrop rewards
Ownership Rewards
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Social media launch
Website launch
First NFT release (community tokens)
Establish creator relations
Expand the team
Airdrop Metaverse wearables
Participate in Metaverse Events
Establish Partnerships and Collaborations
Build the DIVERGE community
Second NFT drop (community tokens)
Launch a DIVERGE space in the Metaverse
Launch special events in the Metaverse
Exclusive Genesis NFT Fashion Drop
IRL events and activities
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